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September 29, 2010


They look like fairy ring mushrooms (marismus oreades)- do they have woodlike stems? - look around and see if they are part of a ring of mushrooms (sometimes not obvious until you look for one) no matter how large. Can you tell me about how large the cap is (1/4-1.5 inches). Are they gilled?

Most of the time these appear in the spring though - and there is another one that looks like it which is deadly. Also - their fragility makes me think they are past their prime.

Check it out next spring and if has some of the characteristics I describe - part of a ring of mushrooms, woody stem and a convex cap (it flattens in later life) -check it out again.

I am always cautious even then - best way if you decide to mess around with fungus like this is to study the poisonous version to _ clitocybe dealbata - so you can tell the difference (it grows in rings too)

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